5 ways the Autodesk Knowledge Network will change your life

Autodesk Knowledge Network

Whether you’re learning a new software program, looking for tips to improve your efficiency, or a power user that wants to share your knowledge with others, the Autodesk Knowledge Network is a valuable resource that can connect you to the information you need, when you need it. With more than a million contributions from Autodesk users, educators, resellers, partners, and employees, the Autodesk Knowledge Network is full of tutorials, documentation, downloads, and troubleshooting advice that can help you improve the way you work.

Here are five of the best things about this resource that we think just might change your life—really!

1. Troubleshooting just got a whole lot easier

Are you using Advance Steel but the numbering process isn’t merging the identical parts? There’s an answer for that. Did you install Revit and now your templates and families are missing? Try this fix. Joists not importing or updating from Robot Structural Analysis to Revit? Yep, there’s an article for that too. There are literally thousands of troubleshooting articles that you can access to find answers to your software questions.

2. So. Many. Tutorials.

Did you install the Autodesk Steel Connections for Revit add-in? Great! The Autodesk Knowledge Network has you covered. You can learn how to install/uninstall the add-on, place a structural connection, learn about the available structural connection parameters, how to load and use connection types in your Revit model, how the background process works when calculating geometry and fabrication shapes for created connections … do we need to keep going? Experts across the world contribute new tutorials to the Autodesk Knowledge Network every day. It is truly your best resource for learning and mastering Autodesk software tools.

3. A one stop shop for customer service

This is where you go to get help with your accounts, installation, configuring a deployment, and more. But in addition to getting up and running with your own software, this is also where you can find information for planning and creating a network environment to help your firm distribute Autodesk software licenses.  You’ll find tips on managing network licenses and network deployment, server selection and system requirements, how to maximize available licenses, and how to deploy software installation files and updates to users in a network environment.

4. The Autodesk community

The Autodesk community is made up of customers and experts that take the time to share their knowledge of Autodesk software. Here you can read and post information on the forums, view interactive video tutorials, share and shape product ideas, or read blogs by Autodesk insiders. The community is incredibly active with hundreds of new posts every week.

In addition, the Autodesk community takes the time to review and approve the content posted to it. The community-approved answers to common issues help you sort through the articles and forums available to you.

5. A place for you to share your expertise

Don’t just take advantage of the Autodesk Knowledge Network—participate! Write an article, answer a question, create a screencast. Help software users around the world gain the skills they need to be the best they can be, and establish yourself as an expert.

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